With more than 30 years of experience in precious jewellery, as well as making new jewellery pieces, we can also alter existing pieces including:

• Change the finger size of rings either to size up or size down

• Add engraving of lettering in the font of your choice, an image or pattern

• Remove unwanted engraving

• Extend or shorten chains including adding chain extenders to give the option of different lengths

• Add or remove unwanted parts

• Add plating to jewellery which doesn’t currently have it

• Change claw tip styles

• Change from claw set to rubover set and vice versa, although this could involve a remake but we can advise on this

• Reset rings with different stones

• Reset rings with different-sized stones, although this could involve a remake but we can advise on this

• Remake a ring as a hinged ring using the existing stones of the current ring

We can also fix all types of broken jewellery including:

• Broken chains

• Cracked Rings

• Replace missing stones

• Rebuild broken or missing claws

• Replate jewellery where the plating has worn off

• Restring beads or pearls

• Replace broken catches on a chain or bracelet

• Replicate a missing earring

• Repolish dull jewellery to bring it back to as good as new

• Rejoin parts that have snapped off

• Broken watches

There isn’t much that we can’t do.  So, even if you don’t see your particular issue in the list above, do get in touch anyway at for a quote.  Please include photos and dimensions of the object and details of the work to be carried out. Items can be dropped off at or sent by post to our central London studio in Farringdon.    


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