• Our printer is a DLP or Digital Light Processing printer.  It is superior to SLA printers in that it is faster because it cures entire layers at once.

  • It is top of the range in terms of the detail it captures, printing layers as little as 10 microns thick.

  • It prints high quality precision items in both castable and non-castable resin.  

  • We can produce hot moulds from non-castable resin prints and cold moulds from both castable resin and non-castable resin prints.  

  • Robustness of the resin allows customers to try on a piece of jewellery before the model is finalised.

  • Perfect for both small and big pieces like figures or printing for presentation purposes.  


  • The resin does not deteriorate when stored.

  • 1 day standard service printing or use our express service for same day prints.

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3d prints can be picked up directly from us or sent by post for an additional fee to cover P&P. However, please note that whilst castable resin prints are more robust than wax prints, there is still some risk of breakage in the mail and therefore mailings are at the customer’s own risk.  Non-castable resin prints are robust and the risk of breakage in the post is small.  

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