All our animal 3d  sculptures are created by hand using the Phantom Omni Haptic Device. This is a 3D arm with force feedback, allowing the creation of virtual clay models.

In simplified terms, the device pen is used to poke the air, but it feels like the clay sculpture is actually there in front of you.  This allows the sculpting of the model onscreen.

It is particularly effective for sculpting models of animals, people and other complicated forms.



We are one of a very select few with the ability to incorporate copies of inanimate objects, animals, pets and other natural forms into a piece of jewellery either by scanning an existing object or by copying an image, drawings or object.  

With years of experience as a specialist wax carver, the move into digital modelling when the technology became available came very naturally to us.  

We can create really small intricate carvings in our 3d sculpting service.   Having the piece in digital format means that it can be easily changed, replicated and produced in different sizes.

After the 3d model is completed, we can either print it in wax or resin using our in-house 3d printers.

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Our sculptures have been incorporated into all sorts of objets d’art including bottle openers, umbrella handles, trophies and chess sets.  

We were extremely proud to be selected to copy and produce the metal book corners and hinge of a facsimile of The Sobieski Hours.  This valuable, historic book is kept in the library at Windsor Castle and one of the copies was presented to the Queen in 2017.  


The accuracy of our 3d models is achieved by using as many close-up photographs or drawings as possible.  

This allows us to go into fine detail and maximise the quality of the finished article.

The Achilles commission opposite was an exciting challenge which took us 3 weeks to complete using photographs.

It is based on a real Hyde Park statue of Achilles of a total of 36ft high.  Our model was a mere 15cm high.

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