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We are able to create amazing high definition videos of your CAD files of jewellery or other items.  To create a particular mood, music can be optionally added, as in the video opposite. The player then allows the music to be muted according to the viewer’s preference. Either add these videos to your website or email to your clients to play on their own video player.    

Price depends on the complexity of the job but are always highly competitive.

Grab and rotate images are a fantastic tool to showcase your creations on your website, allowing potential buyers the full 360º experience.

 Equally, a grab and rotate image of a custom made order for a private client could be uploaded to a non-indexed page on your server.

  The client could then be emailed their private link in order to view their special piece.  


At Gala Creations, we use the latest software in cad rendering in order to create the photo-realistic pictures with the technology that is available in the marketplace today.  

We are able to produce still pictures in high resolution (300 dpi) for press releases and other printed materials or a lower dpi for web sites.  

Renders can also be produced for the end-client in the jewellery production process.  Whilst screenshots are provided free of charge for all our 3D model builds, realistic pictures may be needed, for example, for retail and other end-clients.  In this instance, perfect-looking renders from all different angles can be created so that the end-client can approve the design and make any alterations before final production takes place.

We can use your own background or point of view material to add to your jewellery renders.


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