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  • The Revo machine creates its waxes using two high precision drills to mill waxes into the 3D shape specified in the stl file.

  • The technology employed makes it perfect for medals and pendants.

  • It uses the same wax as is used for wax carving by hand.  This wax is easy to cast and can be filed down and soldered.

  • The wax does not deteriorate when stored.

  • The machine will still produce models even if they have naked edges and are not booleaned together.
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The Revo Milling Machine

The Revo milling  is the ideal CNC machine for those who look for perfection.

If you need to mill medals, coins, rings or pendants  you will find the milling  of the Revo very accurate and it doesn’t lose quality like some other machines on the market.


Once we have the 3d file from the customer, we load the file to our software package.  It then calculates the perfect milling  path to create an outstanding milled wax.  

If so desired, the milled wax  can be finished by hand, including adding more carving wax to the model.  The wax used by the Revo machine has the perfect burnout and is the preferred choice of the majority of metal casters.

Prices are dependent on size but start from £25 including VAT for the milling of a ring in wax.