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Selecting a beautiful piece of jewellery is always a special occasion whether it is for a solitaire engagement ring, a necklace for a wedding anniversary or a pair of diamond earrings for a 21st birthday present.  There are many reasons why you should choose a piece of bespoke jewellery by Gala Creations, rather than simply opting for buying something from your local jewellery chain store:


1) Your piece of bespoke jewellery will be unique and something extra special to treasure in years to come.


2) You can tailor a design to your exact requirements.  You may have seen a design you love in a shop, but by having the same design bespoke made you can change the shapes of the stones, make the band thinner or thicker or make any other changes that you desire.  Alternatively you may feel that the design is already perfect and no changes are necessary.  Having that special design bespoke made will also give you cost and workmanship advantages, which we expound on below.


3) Shop assistants in many local jewellery shops are not generally that knowledgeable about their product.  Our Director, David Valle, has more than 20 years experience in creating jewellery and knows the subject inside out.  He can offer advice on all aspects of jewellery purchasing, such as the advantages of choosing one metal over another and which diamonds offer the best value for money.  


4) The cost for a bespoke jewellery piece may be less than you think.  We operate from a workshop in Hatton Garden in London, rather than from an expensive retail outlet.  This means that we are able to undercut jewellery shops for equivalent pieces, whilst offering a high class bespoke tailor-made service.  

Bespoke Jewellery vs Over the Counter




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