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3D Scanning

We often find that our clients not only save themselves money by using us for a perfect CAD design rather than going down the route of traditional handmade jewellery, but improve on the quality of the finish of the piece.  Another advantage of CAD over traditional techniques is that additional models can easily be printed in wax and cast, without having to take the trouble to make a time-consuming mould.


We use a number of different CAD design programs depending on the requirements of a particular assignment, namely Rhino, Matrix, Claytools and Z-Brush.  See our Articles section for a discussion on these different software packages.  You can see Claytools in action on our CAD Videos page.    

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After we have completed your CAD design to your satisfaction, if you desire, we can produce your wax for you using our Revo Milling Machine or Solidscape 3z Studio high precision wax printer  When it is finished, the wax can be collected from our premises in Farringdon, Central London or you can have it sent to you worldwide.  


We can also complete the full process from design on paper to 3D CAD Design to finished item in precious metal set with stones.  See our Bespoke page for more information.

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