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3D Scanning

Screenshot of a ring designed in Zbrush 3d CAD Program

Cad Software for Jewellery: Zbrush by Pixologic

Screenshot of a fish designed in Claytools 3d CAD Program

Claytools uses the Phantom Omni Haptic Device, which is a 3D arm with force feedback, allowing you to create virtual clay models.  In simplified terms, you use the device pen to poke the air.  The device makes you feel as if you are actually touching the clay model you are creating rather than thin air, allowing you to sculpt the model onscreen.  It is particularly useful for sculpting models of animals and people.  For a demonstration of models being built using this program, please see our CAD Videos page.  

Cad Software for Jewellery: Claytools by Sensable

This is 3D software mainly used by the film and gaming industries for creating figures.  It is difficult to learn, but can produce great results.  It is one of the best programs for producing textures on the surfaces of models.   

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