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3D Scanning

Commonly used software by architects, large-scale designers and jewellers.  However, as far as jewellery is concerned, it is more time consuming than using the Matrix plug-in for Rhino because it isn’t a specialist jewellery program.  The release of Rhino 5 at the end of 2012 has considerably improved the ease of use of the program e.g. Gumball allowing much easier resizing of pieces.

Screenshot of a ring designed in Rhino 3d CAD Program

Rhino by Robert McNeel

Screenshot of a ring designed in Matrix 3d CAD Program

Matrix by Gemvision

To use Matrix, you must have already purchased Rhino.  Matrix has simplified a lot of commands used in jewellery such as to set stones and has added a lot of builders such as eternity ring builders, speeding up the 3D creation process.  It is the most popular software on the market for 3D jewellery design.

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