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3D Scanning

Gemvision's Revo Wax Milling Machine for Rapid Prototyping in 3D

DS3 Structured Light 3D Scanner

3D Scanning for Jewellery and Other Objects



Our top-of-the-range 3D scanner allows us to create a 3D file from an existing object for you.  Employing the latest Structured Light Technology, it facilitates detailed 3D scanning in a matter of seconds.  Able to handle pieces of up to 10cm diameter, this high precision 3D scanner can be used for jewellery and other objects.   


It is the perfect solution for fitted wedding bands, scanning unusual stones, replicating items of jewellery, replicating carved waxes and for record keeping for insurance purposes.  


After the scan is transferred into a 3d CAD program, the scanned model can be printed as is in wax using one of our prototyping machines or digitally altered to change the design as required such as altering it to fit a different finger size or to fit different stones etc.  As CAD specialists, we would be delighted to provide this service for you or to simply give you the 3D model without any alterations.


Prices start from £25 including VAT and depend on the size and scanning time of your piece.  Please email us at sales@galacreations.com for a no-obligation quote.

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